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Contact Info:

There are many reasons you might want to contact me, and I have preferred methods for most of them.

Problem with this website or one of my websites

First check if the footer includes a GitHub Link, if it does follow Situation 2, if there is no link to GitHub then email me at:
If it is a security issue send it to webmaster@harrysy.red and flag it as important.

You found a bug in my code or something

Find the GitHub repository and post an issue on GitHub or if you don't know how to use GitHub just email me at:
And Try to include all the detail you can, project name, version, and how to reproduce the bug
If it is a security issue send it to git@harrysy.red and flag it as important. Don't post it on GitHub.

You want to hire me

I am currently employed and not looking for any side hustle so please don't contact me, but if you must shoot me an email at:
I do not and will never do free work for others.

You just want to say hi

Shoot me an email at:
I might respond.

I want to use some code or some text from your website

Unless otherwise noted code is under BSD 3-Clause and text is under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Follow the license to reuse (both are short reads)

When contacting me remember: